The Exeter Bedroom

Exeter Complete Image Gallery

Selected Platform Beds

  • Groton Platform Bed

  • Groton Storage Bed

Bed Components, Accessories, and Storage Options


Under Bed Storage Drawers

Slatted Trundle

Storage Trundle

Exeter Nightstands

  • One Drawer

  • Two Drawer

  • Two Drawer Open Top

Additional Configurations*

Single Door

Open Top

Exeter Chests

  • Four Drawer

  • Six Drawer Split

  • Six Drawer Split Tall

Additional Configurations*

Three Drawer

Five Drawer

Five Drawer Split

Seven Drawer Split


Two Drawer Library

Three Drawer Library

Exeter Dressers

  • Seven Drawer

  • Six Drawer Tall

Additional Configurations*

Eight Drawer

Exeter Wardrobes and  Armoires

  • Four Drawer Tall Wardrobe

Additional Configurations*

Five Drawer Wardrobe

Four Drawer Short Wardrobe

Two Drawer Armoire

Three Drawer Armoire

Five Drawer Armoire

Exeter Bookcases

  • 24X24

  • 30X60

  • 36X48

  • 48X36

Customize it! Our bookcases are available in a multitude of sizes,
From 24″-60″ wide and 24″ to 84″ tall. Select one of the pieces above to select your specification.

Bedroom Accessories

Two Drawer Mirror Box

Three Drawer Mirror Box

Four Drawer Mirror Box

Small Mirror

Large Mirror

*Graphic for Configuration Schematic only – not style elements.