Posted on March 1, 2019

Many of you are aware of the changes we’ve been making to our core product itself, mostly because they are changes made in response to suggestions from you, our retailers. We are always thrilled when we receive feedback on how to make our product better, and proud when we push those suggestions to fruition. For those of you familiar with the legacy of our product and also those of you new to our brand, here is a quick summary of some of our most recent product improvements:

  1. Deeper drawers: Our case pieces now have “right sized” drawers, making drawer gaps consistently near 1” from box top to frame opening. In many pieces, this has moved our formerly 7” drawers to 8” deep, and many 5” drawers to 6” and even 7”.
  2. Plywood drawer boxes: Since switching to solid wood drawer boxes several years ago, our drawer boxes have pushed the quality bar far higher than the “typical” bedroom case drawer box, even compared to our domestic competition. While we believe this is a strength, we also understand that not all customers require this and our value proposition weakens as a result. To address this, we’ve launched a new “standard” drawer box fabricated from solid birch plywood. These boxes have four-sided English dovetails, finished bottoms, and unfinished sides.
  3. Finished case backs and bed decks: Historically unfinished, we are now finishing these components.
  4. Solid tops: Now standard on all styles.
  5. Custom Finish Program: A custom finish program allowing access to any finish vendor’s color offerings, as well as a GREENGUARD certified option.