Posted on March 1, 2019

It’s a little-known fact that up to 50% of the raw material used in furniture manufacturing goes to waste ( We think that’s unfortunate – a wasteful reality made worse by the fact that the material being wasted starts as some of the most beautiful material harvested. Last year, we began looking for ways to highlight this issue and turn trash into treasure through reclamation. We searched the country for sources of this high-quality scrap and found makers willing to panelize it for us through the use of finger joints — a magnificently strong joint fit for furniture making.


To be honest, we didn’t quite know what to expect before we built our first few prototypes. Would it look too busy? How would the material behave in the hands of our craftsmen and women? We were astonished by the results. The randomized blend of heart and sapwood, stitched into a quilt, adds a natural warmth and beauty that is unexpectedly striking. Whether it be a classic style like Canterbury or the clean lines of our new Newton Collection, the reclaimed material feels right at home.


And the good news keeps coming. While the end result is first quality, because the raw material starts as a second we are able to offer it at a discount to our standard offerings.  Check it out for yourself. Now available in Bedford, Canterbury, Cottage, Exeter, Newton, Portsmouth, and Shaker styles.