The Rockport Bedroom

Rockport Complete Image Gallery

Selected Platform Beds

  • Hudson Bunk Bed

  • Rockport Platform Bed

  • Rockport Platform Bed

  • Rockport PlatformBed

  • Windham Bookcase Storage Bed

  • Windham Storage Bed

Bed Components, Accessories, and Storage Options


Under Bed Storage Drawers

Slatted Trundle

Storage Trundle

Rockport Nightstands

  • One Drawer

  • Three Drawer

  • Two Drawer

Additional Configurations*

Single Door

Open Top

Rockport Chests

  • Four Drawer

  • Six Drawer Split Tall

Additional Configurations*

Three Drawer

Five Drawer

Five Drawer Split

Seven Drawer Split


Two Drawer Library

Three Drawer Library

Rockport Dressers

  • Rockport Six Drawer Tall

  • Seven Drawer

Additional Configurations*

Eight Drawer

Rockport Wardrobes and  Armoires

  • Four Drawer Tall Wardrobe

Additional Configurations*

Five Drawer Wardrobe

Three Drawer Armoire

Four Drawer Short Wardrobe

Two Drawer Armoire

Five Drawer Armoire

Rockport Bookcases

  • 30X48

  • 30X60

Bedroom Accessories

Two Drawer Mirror Box

Three Drawer Mirror Box

Four Drawer Mirror Box

Small Mirror

Large Mirror

*Graphic for Configuration Schematic only – not style elements.